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Past Members

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Members beginning with the letter 'P'

Robert (Bob) Pady, 1926-2013

I first met Bob in 1965.  I had just moved into the area and found the Vikings.  Bob was GSM.  His scouting roots were as a land scout in Hersham.  But in the late 40's he was asked to run the Vikings and took over as SM.  He carried out the role of GSM  to perfection.  He was always present but was never overbearing.   He had a good leadership style and was always laughing.  

Soon after I joined he moved the family to Ashley Road.  We had occasion to visit there many times because of scouting and other social events and they were very happy times.  Bob and Sheila had a housewarming party which was the usual singing and dancing (and drinking) event.  Bob told us a few weeks later that dry rot had been found and most of the ground floor had to be replaced - we were lucky that we hadn't fallen through the floor! 

Bob was very strongly supported by Sheila.  They had several pets.  Sheila had an African Grey parrot.  Bob had an 'attack' dachshund.. We had no real issues with this diminutive dog, but other less salubrious associates of Bob did.    Bob bought a car but didn't get round to passing his test.  However, Sheila became a very good driver. 

When Bob was GSM, Bill Cook was SM (Connie was Akela, Shorty Keeble was RSM, Derek Pilley was SSM).  In the late '60s Bill joined the Camp Warden Service.  He subsequently asked Bob if he could set up a Pioneer Badge Course.  Bob roped in Derek Pilley and Dick Holley and thus was born Pady's Professional Pioneers!   They carried out weekend courses at Walton Firs and Broadstone Warren on an annual basis for several years.            

Mike Moore 2015


Sheila Pady,

Sheila was the better half of Bob Pady sometime SM, GSM(L), ADC, DC et al.   She kept very much in the background but we frequently met her at meetings or events at their house.

She was a major support to Bob even to the extent of learning to drive and becoming his driver (that probably isn't true but it's a very good story).   Sheila was, however, a good first aider (St John's Ambulance).   I invited her to give a presentation to a group of Viking PLs on a training weekend at Walton Firs.   Sheila gave a wonderful chat on all aspects of injury and how it all worked.  For once First Aid wasn't the dry subject it usually is. 

Mike Moore


Derek Pilley, 1925-2001

The serious stuff. 

Perhaps not news to all, but the Vikings were the second Sea Scout group that Derek led as Group Scout Master / Leader. Scouting was in Dad's blood becoming a Sea Scout in Walthamstow, London, and a Deep Sea Scout during wartime RN service, a scoutmaster post war and at the age of 26 22nd Walthamstow's Group Scoutmaster. 

After a family move to Surrey it wasn't long before he was helping with Addlestone where I was a wolf cub and then when I joined the Vikings in 1962 Dad was lured back to sea scouts with the Rover Crew and as Senior Scout Leader carefully avoiding me - one of Dad's principles! As I prepared to become a Senior / Venture so Dad sidestepped into the role of GSL. 

I was always glad of the way Dad let me stand on my own feet but at the same time couldn't help but notice the way he befriended, encouraged, nurtured and persuaded all those around him to give and get the best out of life. I couldn't avoid this as no. 23 became the base camp for all this activity. 

So thanks Mum whose soul was also in scouting and without whom the surrogate scouting parentage would not have worked so well! 

The anecdotes will follow - I have so many - they all make me smile. 

Mike Pilley 2012

We were at a big joint scouters meeting in Weybridge (?) sometime in 1970ish. It was formal - everybody in uniform. As usual the Vikings were numerous. Derek,Trevor, Cees, Richard me et al. Somebody commented that we always turned up mob handed and seemed to be a bit of a team. They asked how often we met. We said we had regular scouters meetings. They said how often? Only 2 or 3 times a week (or more) at Kath and Derek's.

Mike Moore 2012

One day in the early 70s Derek said 'I've got to take something across London.   I've borrowed a van, but could you come and give me a hand?'  Of course I could.  The van was a roadworthy but mature Ford.   We set off and delivered the item and started the return journey.  Somewhere between Esher and Hersham the accelerator pedal came adrift from its connecting rod.   Small crisis!  We had a look.   Everything worked apart from increasing and decreasing the throttle.  We had secured the load with lashing ropes, so we took a couple of the ropes, connected them and threaded them through the radiator grill and through the passenger door.  We only had one speed but with Derek on the gears and me on the rope it worked quite adequately.  When we got home Derek said 'we did well there but I would like to return the van in working condition.'   So we decided to pop across the river on the Sunday morning to a car breakers at Shepperton.  Once there we found two matching vehicles.  It took 15 minutes to remove the required assembly.  Within an hour the van was fixed.  We returned the van to its owner (a past scout in the Vikings) and he was delighted.   He said he thought the old pedal was a bit dodgy!   But it was just another Viking weekend.

Mike Moore 2013         


Kath Pilley, 1927-2012

The Kath and Derek partnership was borne in scouting and the tales I hear of the relationship between the Sea Rangers and Sea Scouts in Walthamstow reminds me a little of the Weybridge Rangers / Vikings around 1970! Mum provided immeasurable support to the Pilley scouting journey enjoying it to the full and allowing no.23 to become open house to the scouting family and in particular playing a huge role in welcoming in the 'other halves' and helping them become part of the same family. Not content to let the scouts have things their own way Mum ran Rangers and if the scouts thought home was the scout hut annex the Rangers' home was home! 

In Viking terms it is impossible to find words for Kath & Del individually without including the other; the synergy developed sparked friendships that stood the test of both time and geography as in Dartmouth they welcomed the visits of the extended family.

Mike Pilley 2011

Do you remember Kath Pilley's spaghetti bolognese?    On occasion a group of people would happen to be around at Esher Avenue (once or twice a week).  Kath would just casually 'knock up' a spag bol.  It was wonderful.  Nobody else has ever come close to the quality in that dish. 

Once we went on a trip around the Isle of Wight.  We were short of a cook so Derek got the spag bol recipe from Kath and tried to replicate it.  Good try and a nice meal but lacking the splendor of Kath's masterpiece.

Mike Moore 2013


Sue Pilley, 1954 - 2019

Sue joined the Viking fraternity when she and Mike Pilley became 'an item'.  They married in March 1976.  Because of Mike's naval career we did not often meet, but when we did it was always very pleasant.  An exceptional cook, she will be sadly missed  

Having entered the portals of 23 Esher Ave, Sue had little alternative but to join the Viking family where she was made to feel so welcome.    This involved trying out activities on the river and of course helping at the annual Fete both of which are depicted in the photographs provided (see gallery)/