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Past Members

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Members beginning with the letter 'K'

Shorty (Bill) Keeble,

Shorty was involved with the Vikings for many decades. He joined in the thirties. He was a member until he joined the Royal Navy. But he kept in touch throughout his service. He was a close companion of Bill Cook.

I joined Vikings in 1965 with the intention of joining the rover crew and there I met Shorty who was crew leader. While short in stature Shorty had a very strong presence. He was a past master at camp fire songs and I particularly remember his rendition of the Darkies Sunday School and Ivan Skavinski Skavar.

I think Shorty was very disappointed with the 1970 Advance Party Report. The report effectively cancelled Rover Scouting and he departed from the uniformed branch of scouting. It is with regret that I saw little of him thereafter.

But we will always remember our times together - especially the Isle of Wight Rover Moots!!!

Mike Moore


Denise Kemsley,

Mum, Den(ise) was always a big supporter in the background although she did get a bit fed up with the endless stream of lawnmowers that Dad brought home from each Viking jumble sale "a bit better than the last one".  (See Peter Kemsley (1919 - 2000)

Peter Kemsley Junior 2012 


Peter Kemsley, 1919 - 2000

Dad encouraged me to join the Vikings back in 1958 and over many years became a staunch fund raiser orgainising numerous jumble salesand fetes, giving of his time generously to help us all indulge ourselves in new toys like Yngve and Yrsa (???).

Does anyone else remember him driving the white Ford Zephyr around the recreation grounds (a little too quickly I think) to the strain if Z cars with actor Stratford Johns in the back?.....   What year was that?  

There is a plaque of remembrance to Mum and Dad at Brookwood Crematorium which records their time with us and one of Dad's sayings.... "It's come over dark again" followed by the words from my sister and I .... "A hard act to follow"

Peter Kemsley (Junior)  2012